Rebel Remedy is a Cafe, Kombucha Brewery + Grocery Shop in London, Ontario

Located in the heart of Downtown on Dundas Place since 2016. Rebel is independently owned and operated by women.

Our shop is small + packed with pantry goodies, wellness blends, fresh coffee beans, fine oils + tinned fish. We're takeaway only to make more room for kombucha production!

Our street is a pedestrian-friendly area with beautiful wide bricked sidewalks, young trees, and plenty of bike and car parking nearby. You'll find plenty of events scheduled on the street, with regular street closures for markets, movie screenings, and sidewalk sales.

A pleasure to walk down with an iced latte :)

Meet Julie + Shayna

Hiya! We're the owners + operators of Rebel - a cafe, fine grocery shop, and kombucha brewery in Downtown London, Ontario.

In the last two years, we have expanded the shop to include more fine grocery goods sourced from all over the world.

We source goods consciously, reducing food and plastic waste where possible, and choose direct-trade partners for staples like coffee, tea, sugar, flour, cacao, meat, fish, eggs, cheese, and vegetables. Traceable food sourced with integrity.

Our in-store cafe menu is seasonally inspired through partnerships with incredible local producers we have come to call friends. Learn more:

Cafe Menu
Glass Bottle Return Program

Since 2016, environmental responsibility has been one of our core brand values.

Through our Glass Bottle Return Program, we've kept tens of thousands of pounds of waste from the landfill. Simply bring back your empty Rebel Remedy clean + dry jars, bottles, and lids for deposit return:

Kombucha Bottles $0.25

500ml Jars + lid $0.50

750ml Jars + lid $0.75

1L Jars + lid $1.00